Jens Wendelstorf: [under construction]   Activities (overview)

Now, I'm working in industry in the field of microwave plasma technology and special plant engineering.

At the TU-Braunschweig, my activities laid in the field of physics, computer science, plasma technolgy and welding engineering. Through their scientific foundation, these areas are strongly related. But let me try to split them up:
  1. Application focused modelling of gas discharges / electric arcs (thermal plasma technology).
  2. Physical models for the individual parts of the electric arc discharge (plasma physics).
  3. Numerical software for gas discharge modelling (CFD).
  4. Hybrid laser-arc welding technology (LASER-TIG).
  5. Complex adaptive (nonlinear) systems (CAS).
My last project at the university was called
Self-consistent modelling of the cathode plasma for high pressure gas discharges
(short: arc cathode modelling)
It is embedded into a larger research network entitled
Fundamental studies of the hot spot formation at thermionic arc cathodes
(short: lamp cathodes)
and funded by the german ministry for education and research (BMBF)

Further information is provided on the pages of the network - unfortunately, access is limited! 

These pages are not to replace scientific publications, but to make basic information, color pictures and videos available to the public! 

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