Here you will find the electronic version of my dissertation entitled

Ab initio modelling of thermal plasma gas discharges
(electric arcs)

published by the Technical University of Braunschweig, 2000, as
(please cite as above and acknowledge me - you may get a free CD-ROM of this thesis)
Papers citing my dissertation can be found here.  
Some technical remarks:
The material was tested as a CD-ROM release on a 400 MHz PII PC
with 256 MB RAM on a 21" (1280x1024x24) display.
Especially the AVI animations may require
at least 128 MB of RAM and a 1024x768 Display.
The HTML-Version provides 640x480 JPEG Pictures,
links to Adobe Portable Document (PDF) files and to
the corresponding AVI animations.
I have used the Browsers Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5.01 running under Microsoft Windows NT 4.

Dr. Jens Wendelstorf 

Please mail any errata, comments or suggestions - thank you very much.

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